Transformation Scan

Organizational scan in focus of the digital transformation. The scan includes:

  • Qualitative interviews
  • Quantitative evaluations
  • Desktop Research
  • Reputation Analysis
  • Agile Organization Analysis

Evidence-based Management

To take management decisions with best possible scientific and empirical methods. This means for you:

  • Less risk when it comes to change
  • Optimized chances of success
  • Sustainable decision making

Digitales Business

Services in focus of the possibilities and potentials of digital communication:
  • Social Media Management
  • Cooperation Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Corporate Branding
  • Social Network Analysis



  • Social Media Communication: Create and publish content on digital channels.
  • Implementation of test and learn structures or digital tools.
  • Monitoring of the implemented measurements.
  • Reporting & Measurements of Results.
  • Benchmark & Best Practices.

Planning & Strategy

  • Creation of an intervention agency incl. Change Measures.
  • Planning and strategy for social media communication.
  • Definition of the desired customer contribution / cooperation.
  • Planning and optimizing marketing & corporate communication.


We analyze your business focusing on:

  • Structure, processes and culture
  • Agility
  • Reputation
  • Stakeholder cooperativeness
  • Social Networks

Social Media Business Case

Social Media Business Case for your business? We clarify the following questions:

Does bilateral cooperativeness exist? Are you, as well as your customer, willing to cooperate? The cooperation is possible if both, the behavior of your business, as well as the behavior of your target group, is not only influenced by material self-interest. Wellbeing and successes of the players influence each other.

What kind of services do you want to share as a company that are relevant for your customers? This offer should satisfy a particular need (e.g., problem-solving & success needs)

Do customers recognize your business as a credible cooperation partner in the target segment? In your target segment you must convince your customers that you are interested in a long-term relationship.

We work with the BEA™ Social Media Model of FehrAdvice & Partners AG.

Cooperation Matrix

Based on Social Media: Cooperate behavior

Cooperative behavior is a fundamental part of many aspects of your daily life. In companies, it should be an essential consequence of the lived corporate culture and has been proven to lead to higher performance of the entire company.

Social Media is based on cooperative exchange of people and businesses. This allows a long-term relationship that may lead to sharing of content and experiences.

A sustainable Social Media strategy helps to successfully establish and maintain such relationships. It shows how the cooperativeness of all persons involved can be enhanced through the appropriate use of social media channels, how to avoid potential risks and what kind of business opportunities grow out of it.

We work with the BEA™ Social Media Model of FehrAdvice & Partners AG

Evidence-based Management

The term evidence-based management denotes a movement from the USA, according to which management decisions should be made by explicit use of the best scientific methods and results.

It attempts thereby to derive principles from research results, which contribute to the solution of organizational problems, strategic issues and other management tasks.