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Change Management

  • Digitale Transformation und Unternehmenskultur

    There’s a comma missing, head nurse

    Can I wash a dog without making him wet? – No! Can I implement digital transformation processes in companies without affecting the corporate culture? – No! Every analog – digital transformation inevitably changes the corporate culture. This fact is...
    29. February 2016 Patrick Samson

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Ageing

    Ageless – what does that mean? We all want to grow old, but nobody wants to be old. One issue that affects everyone and everyone is more or less concerned about it. 40 is the new 30? Or is 60 even the new 20?
    29. February 2016 Patrick Samson

Psychology of Media

  • Diagnose Expertitis Image

    Diagnosis: Expertitis

    Anyone in for some more? Whether Financial, Economic or Sports Expert; rarely a term as that of the “Expert” was used as inflationary as in the recent years. But just because the label says expert, it is not necessarily a sign for expertise.
    29. February 2016 Patrick Samson

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